Missin and Lovin

Tomorrow is our four month anniversary. I know that is a short amount of time, but as I think about it it is just crazy to me how time flies. A year ago is when I first came to Mexico. I came with a language teaching program to teach English to children in Pachuca. I was originally supposed to go to a different city, but was changed to go to Pachuca. I had no idea that going to Mexico would drastically change my life forever. This adventure has been amazing. There have been so many ups and downs. Learning Spanish is still a struggle, however, I am now at least able to communicate. I can go grocery shopping in Calvillo by myself and ask the clerk where a certain item is. I can talk to people about certain simple subjects like food, our English school, soy Americana, si quiero bebes pero no, no estoy embarazada. That last one is seriously a daily sentence with someone from Jose’s family.

I love it here, yet there are things that I miss about home. I may say that I miss something, but there is something about writing it down that makes me really feel it. The words are then more concrete. They are more real when written. I miss a lot of things, but rather than post all of them, I am only going to allow myself ten items.I’d rather not focus on what I don’t have. So they better be good huh! PS Missing family and friends is a given so they are not part of the list.

1. Bathtub. Bath time was always my favorite stress reliever back home.

2. Peanut Butter…Facebook…yes I did post about this today. I AM CRAVING IT SOOOO BAD. They have very small jars in the big stores for tons of money. Peanut Butter is so expensive here. And yes Jose’s dad is a peanut farmer, but you can’t make the smoothness without a food processor. Wishlist…Food Processor. We could make bank with that thing!

3. Coconut oil. This is another luxury here. I have only found one store that has it and I asked every pharmacy and natural beauty store around Calvillo.

4. Carpet. My toes need some care.

5. Walking barefoot in the grass. Again…My toes.

6. Pedicures. I miss pedicures given by the asian ladies in Logan. They really knew how to pamper your toes. I think my feet are trying to tell me something with the last three items…

7. Driving a car. Oh man I miss driving a car.

8. Air Conditioning. I am grateful for Jose. He really uses his brain. He has made his own DIY air conditioner for our room. Yes there will be a post about that beauty soon.

9. Multi-grain wheat bread. Here is the white bread with brown dye to make it seem like it is wheat. I need some grains!

10. Drinking from the hose. The water here is dangerous to drink. I remember as a little girl drinking straight from the hose. Man that was the best!

Now that I got that out of my system. I want to share at least 10 things that Mexico has that I love! Gotta end on a positive note!

1. The Spanish language. This language is so beautiful!

2. Coconut treats. I’m obsessed with these. Recipe coming soon.

3. Saludos. Everywhere you go you are greeted by EVERYONE. LITERALLY! “Buenos Dias”, Buenas Tardes”, “Buenas Noches”. This is all over the country. Plus when you greet someone at the beginning of the conversation you always give them a little cheek to cheek smootch. When I went back to the states after my summer of teaching, besides Jose, this was the thing that I missed the most about Mexico.

4. Tacos. Taco Bell’s crunchy tacos are good, but authentic Mexican tacos cannot be beat! In fact, Jose just went down the street to get me some street tacos for cena! Lucky.

5. Water bill…$10 USD every two months.

6. Rent. $40 USD a month.

7. Music. Music is everywhere. Even right outside your front door! There is always some band playing at one of our neighbors house at night. We always have live entertainment.

8. COLORS. This is something that relieves my stress. I love going on walks and seeing the colorful buildings. Our house is a bright blue. I love the variety. Bright colors are everywhere you turn.

9. Culture is everywhere. Whether it is at a party, a wedding, an Easter event, or the circus, you always get a taste of the Traditional Mexican culture. They celebrate their heritage here so often. I love how proud of their background and traditions they are. Even Jose’s Grandma, Milla, wears a head-wrap/bandana that all of the older women wear.

10. Jose. How could I not mention this man. He is my dream come true. No he is not perfect, nor am I, but I love that I am traveling this peanut butterless road with him. He is the one I chose. I am forever grateful for my decision to come here and to start my family with this selfless, loving, hardworking man.


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