Products for Parenting: Citrus Lane

So, I was searching online to see what kinds of things could be sent to Mexico from the states and got carried away into the land of product boxes. These boxes are kind of a big thing right now. There’s boxes for makeup, crafts, free trinkets, shavers, tampons, even food! I’m impressed with how the internet has given us so many new ways to receive anything we want right to our front door! I found this parenting box ( as I was searching and was so very impressed. I am not pregnant yet, but we hope to have a baby in the near future. As I browse in the tiendas here and the street stands, there are stuff for babies, but it is all really bad quality. Citrus Lane ( is a box just for parenting! I got so excited as I was looking through it! Baby snacks, baby toys, books, clothes, stuff for mom and dad, information on parenting and more! Oh my gosh this makes me baby hungry. More than I have been…

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