Today as I sit at my kitchen table and look out of my window I think of the life that I chose. I think of the things that are new in my life. Our garden, the language, the culture, the food, the pesos, the work, the climate, the music, and so much more. I sit here looking at the cobblestreet and the empty lot across my house. It is now overgrown with plants. There is a small path through it that leads the way to the next street. Right next door to the Tortillaria. I visit here a few times a week. Surely, when our family grows this will turn to daily visits. I see two children playing in our quiet street with their puppy as the thunder rolls. It will rain soon and the air is crisp. I have my music on playing through the speakers in our kitchen while dinner is cooking in the oven and the no-bake cookies set in the freezer. As I sit here pondering, I realize that this is the life that I have always wanted. A safe street where my kids can play. If one of them falls and gets hurt, I know that one of my neighbors who saw would go to help my child with the same motherly love I would give him. We have a garden that sustains us and nourishes our bodies. Our front yard is beautiful with flowers and trees. Of course Jose has his chile plants in the front yard growing. My kitchen is organized just how I like it. I am a stay-at-home wife. I am a homemaker. My heart is so full of gratitude. I have waited for so long for this moment. There have been many heartaches and trials leading up to this. I’ve made so many mistakes that could’ve taken this away from me, but I know that it is because of the Savior that I am here in this peaceful, yellow kitchen right now. His Atonement is real. He answers prayers. He leads us, and is always with us. He is in the little things and the big things. He speaks to us everyday as we listen. He has answered the prayer of my heart in his own way by leading me to Pachuca last summer to teach the children. That is where I met my dear husband. That is where my life changed forever, but yet became what I always wanted. God has a marvelous way of taking care of His children. He has our best interest in mind. He is truly our Father.

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