Emotional Intimacy


(Photo from LDS.org)

Intimacy between a husband and a wife is sacred. Intimacy doesn’t always mean sexual intimacy. Intimacy means connection. All intimacy should be kept between the bonds of holy matrimony.

Sometimes we do not realize that relationships out of the marriage triangle are dangerous. We may think they are harmless. Sometimes we may justify by saying “it is just nice to have someone to talk to”.

Someone very close to me had a horrible experience with his wife and emotional infidelity. She became friends with a man at work. They started going to lunch together and she would confide in this man about things that were going on in her life. She drifted from her husband and grew closer to the man.  It may not happen to everyone, but it is just safer to stick on the the side of your spouse. As spoken of before, there should only be 3 in a marriage relationship. The two spouses and God. No one else. I love the notion that there should be consecration in a marriage. We should devote our time, talents, and energy to the building of a righteous marriage.

Not only is emotional fidelity good for the couple in the relationship, but it is extremely healthy for the children in the family. The children have stability and love in their home. The have a healthy marriage that they can look up to and model their own marriages after.

The best way to avoid trouble and strengthen your own marriage is to be aware and include your spouse in all relationships. Secrets are not friends to a marriage.

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