Cultural Differences: Attributions: Week 6 6/7/2018

Where does success come from? Does it come from your own personal efforts? Or does it come because of outside sources? Well, this depends on what culture you are coming from. In the United States, a highly individualistic country, success comes from your own efforts and hard work. Yet when others have success, we tend to have the attitude of “they were lucky”, or “they had connections”. This seems to be a more negative and competitive outlook towards others and their success. What usually happens when an American fails at something? It is usually someone else’s fault or the fault of their surroundings. I’ve seen this same attribution in Mexico. So many times, I’ve heard people say in Mexico “you can’t make a business work here because the economy is so bad”. I’ve seen plenty of people in Mexico have success. The difference is, they have a different mindset. They know that success comes from your own efforts and how smart you work. The economy may be bad for one reason or the other, but one’s own personal success in business can shine through. There have been many studies on this actually.

I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.
                      -William Ernest Henley

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