How do YOU shower?


Showering. It’s an everyday occurrence. At least I feel like it should be. If you don’t do it there are some nasty smells around ya. There are many benefits. You get clean, it improves blood circulation, relaxes your muscles, treats depression, improves your lungs, and even boosts your immune system! People all over the world do it in one way or another. Here, it’s not so different than in the states. We have hot water, we have showers, tile, shower heads. We even have bath tubs! (This is a recent discovery of mine. I hadn’t seen any tubs here until I went to my sister in law’s house and BAM! there it was. She is so lucky.) In Pachuca, we always needed to turn the water heater on with a match at least a 1/2 hour before we wanted to shower, but here in San Tadeo, Aguascalientes, we have hot water from the street! So from about 11pm to 6pm you have hot water whenever you want it. And you don’t even have to light a match or use any gas or electricity. Jose and my house is about 2 miles away from his parents’ house and we are not as fortunate to have hot running water in our street, although we do still have water, don’t worry. We have a shower that has running water, but our beautiful house doesn’t have a boiler. (This is what heats up water.) My girl, Taneesa, guessed the other day that we heat up our water on the stove…she was SO close! Here are the step by step instructions of how to shower when you all come visit our home.

1. Round up a 5 gallon bucket such as the gorgeous one shown below.

5 gallon bucket

2. Fill the bucket with the desired amount for your shower. Our water-spout is on the other side of our house, so I like to fill the water it up to the 1st ring so it’s not so heavy for me.

3. Once you make the trek from the spout to the bathroom, plug-in the portable water heater and stick it in the water, bulb first.

water heater

This is what we like to call a “Miracle” in our house.

4. Let it sit and cook for about 1/2 hour. I usually do this while I’m making breakfast for my husband. Jose. He’s Mexican, by the way.

5. After the water is heated all the way to the bottom of the bucket, rest the bucket on the edge of the shower. You’ll want to have another bucket filled with colder water on hand so you can mix the two and not scald your body.


6. Shown above is the small bowl that is used to pour the water over yourself as you shower. This picture is not pretty, but this bowl looks so much like ours, except ours is black.

           And there you have it! The process of showering in the blue house! So whenever you want to visit know that you also can be clean. We may not have an extra bed right now, but we do have a shower!!

Missin You


Long distance…it’s the pits. I am so grateful for modern technology, however. I get to see my Jose everyday via Facetime. We can share videos and stories with each other through email. These are wonderful things, but it still doesn’t replace the physical contact. Sometimes I just want to hold hands or really just need a hug from Jose. Two more weeks…

I found this song last night as I was “studying” for finals. This fits perfectly our current situation and helped me to lighten up A LOT regarding missing him. Man, music is such a blessing!

Enjoy folks!

And so it begins…


I never would have thought that an anxious girl from a small town in Utah would make the trek to another country. I’ve always dreamed of it and thought how cool it would be. I never actually thought it would happen. It was always something in my imagination. Until the summer of 2014 when my dreams were made reality. As soon as my friend told me about teaching English in Mexico I knew I had to do it. I went to the information meeting and applied for a spot that night. I was given the last spot to Pachuca, Mexico. Getting off the plane, I felt like I was walking on clouds. This was not real. I was going to wake up any moment now. Then I saw it and knew that this was real life: “WELCOME TO MEXICO”. Immediately, I fell in love with the country. Every morning on our walk to school, my fellow English teachers and I made a new friend. Within 2 weeks of my stay here I knew that I wanted to live in Mexico. I wanted to spend more than just a summer here. I wanted years. I want to share with you how this dream is in the process of becoming my reality.

In July, I was at church when a stranger approached me and asked me where he could find inexpensive housing in the area. I didn’t know since the school I was working for was providing mine. Our conversation was limited due to the language barrier. He had a friend, however, who spoke more English, so he asked me to speak with him. Just then a man just a little taller than me walked through the door. As cheesy as it sounds, the sunlight was shining on him just enough to make it seem like he was glowing. He was so handsome. Jose’ came over and spoke with me. There was an instant connection and we became fast friends. He never found an apartment, but there was a family in our ward who offered him and his friends a place to live in their home.

Jose’ and I started to see each other more often as we had the same group of friends. We both started attending dance classes in the institute. Now…if you have ever attended a Latin dancing course you will know that it is very saucy. The chemistry between Jose’ and I was very strong. Flirting with each other, which I have never been good at, came naturally and our relationship grew into a dating relationship. We were both hesitant to further our relationship, but the spirit kept leading us to one another. One Friday, we had discussed how our relationship wouldn’t work out due to the fact that I was leaving to go back to the United States. What Jose’ didn’t know was that I wanted to move back to Mexico. We both enjoyed each other’s company so much and still wanted to remain friends. Two days later we went to some car races with the family that he was living with. They were fun and it was a great new experience for me. It was basically attending NASCAR races for Mexico. On our way home we got to enjoy a traffic jam due to all of the racing fans. With a sense of adventure, we pulled the car over and decided to go eat “tunas”. Tunas are a fruit that are on the top of some breeds of cactus. In order to harvest cactus you must first pick some sagebrush. This is used to smack all of the needles out of the cactus. After this you use a knife cut the skin off and expose the delicious fruit.

tunasinside cactus pear

(Photo Credit)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The family and I ate many, many tunas. Someone getting a sliver in their lip was bound to happen. And it did. Jose’ got a splinter in his lip and because I am SUCH a great friend, I got it out for him. Of course that led to our first smooch. Everything changed after that. Jose’ and I started dating exclusively and we met each other’s families. He met my parents over FaceTime and I was able to visit his family’s home while traveling through more of Mexico.

After some time, we both knew that we wanted to get married. The only question was “How”. And that my friends is why I wanted to start this blog. The Lord totally has his hand in this relationship and has been guiding us every step of the way. We have seen so many miracles and I know that there are so many more to come. This is meant to be a record of the steps along the way and then about our lives in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Our journey has already begun and right now we remain a country apart. However, in two short months we will be able to be united in Mexico and will be getting married in the LDS Guadalajara Temple.

Bring it on.